Hi There!

This is Ashima, an incoming Phd student (Fall 2024) at UCLA CS advised by Prof. Saadia Gabriel. I was a Deepmind Scholar at the University of California, Los Angeles during my MSCS. I also collaborate with Prof. Kai-Wei Chang and Prof. Nanyun Peng at UCLA NLP.

My research is centered around preference acquisition for LLM alignment, and hate speech detection.

In the past, I have spent some amazing time interning at Walmart Labs (Summer 2022), University of New Brunswick as a Mitacs Scholar (Summer 2019) and IBM Research India (2018).

Open Office Hours : If you’d like to chat about research, grad school applications or feedback on essays, please fill out this form.


🍄 May 2024 Zero-Shot Event Detection is accepted at ACL 2024!

🍄 April 2024 New Preprint out on Surveying Bias in T2I Models, Evaluating Phonological Skills of LLMs.

🍄 April 2024 New Preprint out on Joint Instruction-Response Preferences for LLM Alignment.

🍄 March 2024 New Preprint out on Zero-Shot Event Detection.

🍄 November 2023: Meet me at Socal NLP 2023 where I present my work with Questions Under Discussion

🍄 September 2023: I joined PLUS Lab as a Research Associate advised by Prof. Nanyun Peng at UCLA.

🍄 July 2023: Meet me at ACL 2023 (Toronto, Canada) – my first in-person conference!


  • Programme Committee / Reviewer: ACL-SRW 2023, NAACL-SRW 2023, ICLR Tiny Papers 2023, NAACL-SRW 2024

  • Rewards Committee: SoCal NLP Symposium 2023